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Digital dentistry

In our practice we use probably the most advanced technology
not only in Ukraine but also worldwide!


Our use of the full digital protocol displayed in this minute video:

More examples..





under a microscope

The use of a microscope for the treatment of channels
is a
dentistry standard of the 21st century

Using a microscope in dental treatment improves the quality of services by several times! Full visual control under high magnification, absolute adherence to therapeutic manipulation protocol ensures accurate and high quality results. Using the microscope, we secure the following:

  • 100% visibility of the entire work area (the area of the tooth root canals, gum)
  • Accurate assessment of the hard and soft tissue of the mouth and leaving
    all healthy tissues intact during purification
  • Accurate treatment for orthopedic constructions: crowns, inlays, veneers (which are made in the laboratory using a microscope too) and their fitting
  • This is the only way to visually control root canal treatment
  • Accurate identification of additional root canals in order to prevent complications in the future
  • Ability to extract broken instruments from root canals




A dental implant is an artificial root fitted 
in the place of a lost tooth

Advantages of implantation:

  • Restoration of lost tooth function
  • No need to grind the adjacent teeth as in the manufacture of dental bridges
  • Restoration of lost tooth appearance
  • The only way to avoid a removable prosthesis